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Taurus Steel Shears and Balers More Streamlined Metal Processing

Shears and Balers More Streamlined Metal Processing
 Looking for quality metal processing equipment that will boost your productivity? Taurus offers high quality, high-performance steel shears and balers that perform stronger, for longer. A-Ward is proud to be the Australasian distributor of Taurus machines for baling, shearing or both. We provide around-the-clock back-up service and support.

Boost productivity with stronger, faster operation.
24/7 back-up and support provided by A-Ward.
High quality Italian-designed machinery.
Designed tougher for large-scale processing.
More than 30 years proven performance.
Full range of machinery to suit any operation.

Taurus machines are ideal for the processing of loose scrap, whiteware or auto bodies. They come fully equipped with automatic shearing, baling and ejection cycles; as well as the latest PLC and computerized monitoring systems. You can also choose from stationary or mobile models. Taurus machinery is built to last – with heavier gross weights, steel base frames, and twin heavy-duty shear cylinders. Many Taurus shears and balers are still in operation after 30 years. Discover more benefits under Feature

Intelligent Control Systems
Taurus offers the latest PLC and computerized monitoring systems. Additional software is available for performance tracking – not just of the Taurus shear, but all other machinery in your yard.
Patented folding wings
Material is downsized into a log faster with Taurus’ patented “folding wings”. All models come with these unique overlapping wings, which offer the additional benefit of minimized wear.
Twin shear head cylinders
Taurus shear/balers have two heavy-duty shear cylinders, positioned side by side. This prevents twisting and binding from occurring, as well as providing a more stable and balanced cut.
Steel base frame
All Taurus shears and balers come standard with steel base frames, for faster and easier installation. They do not require expensive foundations to be built – just a hard and flat surface to be positioned on.
Cost-effective maintenance
Taurus machines are designed for easy and safe maintenance. A-Ward provides 24/7 back up and support, with readily-available replacement parts.

The range of Taurus machinery includes: 400 Ton Shear/Balers, 500 Ton Shear/Balers, 600 Ton Shear/Balers, 700 Ton Shear/Balers, 800 Ton Shear/Balers, 900 Ton Shear/Balers, 1000 Ton Shear/Balers, 1200 Ton Shear/Balers, 1400 Ton Shear/Balers, Semi-mobile Balers, Fully-mobile Balers

For full details and specifications on the above products, download the brochure on the right side.

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